Mello Drop

Our Vision

Honest Clean Energy
Powered by CBD

Mellō Drop was created as a better alternative to health drinks. From teas to energy drinks complete with bold and bright flavors, Mellō Drop is taking the health world by storm, one delicious sip at a time.

We envisioned a world with unrestricted access to CBD that could revolutionize the way we see health. And by using the potent power of holistic ingredients, we’ve designed a line of premium hemp-based products that rejuvenate your body, and stimulate your mind.

Mellō Drop CBD Infused Teas

Refreshing and made with all-natural ingredients, Mellō Drop’s line of exclusive CBD-infused teas was engineered to deliver great taste and healing nutrients.

Each tea variety is fragrant, flavorful, and deliciously unique. It has never been easier to take your daily does of CBD.

Each organic formula is designed to help soothe your body. Relax your senses with natural CBD fruit teas free from fillers, preservatives, and psychoactive ingredients.

Actify! CBD-Based Energy Drink

Powerful, clean energy delivered as a deliciously healthy CBD drink. Introducing Actify!, Mellō Drop’s exclusive line of CBD energy drinks.

Designed to help fuel your day, Actify! serves as pre-, intra-, and post-workout drink with real natural ingredients that help feed your body.

Maximize your workout, repair your muscles, and avoid post-energy drink jitters with a nutrient balanced formula. Transform your energy with Actify! today.

Change your health. Change the world.