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Can CBD Help Manage Arthritis Pain?

Can CBD Help Manage Arthritis Pain

For many, the pain associated with arthritis can impact numerous different aspects of life.  Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the U.S., with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis being the most common forms. Arthritis impacts everyone differently and treatments vary as well. For many, relief is found from over-the-counter drugs and, for some, prescription opioids. In recent years, CBD has also been introduced as a beneficial treatment. CBD offers a safer alternative to prescription drugs while providing numerous benefits such as relief from symptoms and pain. 

What is CBD?

CBD derives from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which is also found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not produce the “euphoric” high that many associate with cannabis. Instead, CBD has been found to help with a variety of health concerns, such as anxiety, restlessness, pain, and more. Research continues to uncover the medicinal benefits associated with CBD. Currently, CBD can be found in many different forms, such as edibles, beverages, vaporizers, sublingual drops, and topical creams. 

How Can CBD Help With Pain?

Research on the health benefits of medicinal CBD is ongoing. Studies have shown great promise in animals, but human results are still in progress. Typically, the benefits vary from patient to patient. Some may find massive relief, while others may find little-to-none. 

According to the Arthritis Foundation, there is evidence that suggests that arthritic individuals have experienced noticeable pain relief from the use of CBD. CBD has also been shown to help improve sleep and reduce anxiety. CBD works on pain in two ways. It works directly on the site of soreness, such as your fingers and joints. The second is that CBD interacts with the receptors in your nervous system that trigger pain and inflammation. Scientists believe that this interaction is what helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

CBD and Arthritis 

When it comes to relieving pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, CBD offers a good alternative to conventional treatment. Research continues to show that CBD can help improve and relieve common symptoms experienced by those who have arthritis. It is non-addictive and available in a variety of forms. If you’re looking to switch to a more natural alternative, consult your doctor to ensure you are making the best possible choice for your body. Mello Drop is a company that continues to expand its knowledge and inventory—helping people understand CBD as a natural alternative to harsher medications and assisting in finding the right product to treat a variety of ailments. 

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