Mello Drop

About us

From relaxing tea blends to energizing sports drinks, the delicious flavors of Mellō Drop are formulated with non-psychoactive CBD. Packed with several vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants, Mellō Drop balances the body, and powers the mind.

Our Story

From a stay at home mom who struggled with insomnia, came an all-natural solution for relaxation and rest. Meet, Dianna, the founder of Mellō Drop.

“Like you, my health truly mattered to me. So when it came time to find a nutritious blend that wouldn’t compromise my health, I looked to the homeopathic powers of CBD.”

Before deciding to raise her children full-time, Dianna worked in a fast-paced marketing firm in LA. After trading one highly active job for another, Dianna realized she needed to listen to her body. She wanted to stay alert and manage her energy without altering her mind. Recognizing that such an option didn’t yet exist, she did some research and founded Mellō Drop. This was the balance she was searching for, and she’s excited to share the natural benefits with you. 

Teas are the second most-consumed drinks in the world. Mellō Drop’s CBD-infused teas pack a flavorful punch and include vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

I wanted to do well by my body, eat clean and exercise, but I hated taking daily vitamins. With Mellō Drop, I’m able to stay hydrated, balanced and enjoy the benefits of natural CBD.”

Dianna created Mellō Drop to help find the balance that was missing from beverages. We’re excited to share these natural benefits with you too!

Enjoy the great tasting teas, and energy drinks by Mellō Drop today.

No jitters. No toxins. And no THC.

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